Imperva's single stack application security features a unified analytics and systems view for simplified security management:
  • Cloud WAF, CDN, DDoS and account takeover protection work together in a single, integrated stack
  • Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) for zero-day attack protection from inside the application
  • Bot management tools protect websites, mobile apps and APIs against all OWASP automated threats
  • Industry-leading SLA backs 3-second DDoS mitigation
Automate data compliance and best security practices:
  • Data Security solutions provide visibility and actionable risk insights to prevent data breaches
  • Real-time data protection for relational databases, No SQL, big data, and cloud hosted IaaS databases with Imperva Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) and Database Firewall
  • Compliance monitoring for Amazon RDS with Imperva Cloud Data Security
Flexible, easy solutions for any environment—on-premises, cloud or hybrid:
  • Imperva cloud solutions take just minutes to deploy
  • Cloud software security updates are immediate and automatic
  • Near-zero false positives keep systems running and productivity high (90% of customers use Imperva Cloud WAF in blocking mode)
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